Judging panel


Me and jojoh will be among the judges, but we will need more judges to make the reviewing more fair and balanced.

Anyone interested in taking part in the judging step forward :slight_smile: Programming skills is not a requirement.

This years judging will be made easier! Now judges will be able to review and give score to games on the website directly! This way the work can be done throughout the duration of the competition which will balance workload. No more need to put everything up in Excel or do all the work at the end of the competition in a big rush!

If you’re definitely interested in joining, please PM me with more details, such as what would qualify you to judge these games.

If you are curious, maybe interested, but need more info, ask away!

Do mean the judges will be allowed to judge before the competition is over? That’s not going to work I’d say. What about if someone updated their game? Or will it be that the entry that was entered may not be changed?

If games are updated and judges have already reviewed it, then the judges will be asked to re-review the game (by the system) and modify their previous review of that game.

Of course it’s up to the judges if they wish to do this, they can review the games at the end of the competition, but that means they will be required to do a lot of work in a short amount of time, and not everyone are up to that. This new process would allow the judges to review each game as it appears, one game every 2-3 days or so, instead of 50-60 games in 2-3 days.

IMO this would result in more quality judging, since the judges aren’t rushed under some time pressure to review the games.

There are of course pros and cons to everything, but in this case I believe the pros outweight the cons.

Ah ok. In that case it should be fine. Personally I’d prefer doing one game every few days, that’ll give me enough time to do a thorough review. As long as I’m informed about which games are updated I think this is going to work great.

The reviews won’t be shown before the competition is over, right?

Of course not :slight_smile: They are private, until the competition is over.

I can see how this might give more thorough reviews and possibly more judges, but I’m not so sure it’s fair. At the very least, you should ask for and enforce the judges to have a look at and confirm their reviews after the contest is over.

Further, what about participants? Are they allowed to judge games as long as it’s not their own games, or do all judges have to be non-contestants?

Normally judging in a competition takes place afterwards, what appel is doing is making it easier for the judges. This should not be used as a way to give half-hearted reviews. If someone doesn’t plan on doing the reviews thoroughly then they shouldn’t be applying in the first place. So rather change “it is the judges’ choice” to “it is the judges’ duty to” ensure that the reviews are up-to-date. And anyways, once a game is submitted it’s going to be pretty close to being finished, perhaps a few bugs left. So its not going to cause a total rewrite of the reviews, maybe delete a line or two.

Yeah, what about judging own games? How did the judging work in previous contests? Were all the judges non-participants?

In previous competitions judges were non-participants. I’m doubtful we will change that.

In that case I won’t be able to judge.

What are everyones opinion about participants being able to be judges also?

Conflict of interests, shouldn’t be allowed.


I agree in principle. I will participate, though, and I suspect this is the case with most everyone active enough to consider juding. I just hope you’ll be able to find enough judges.

From my personal point of view, I have no problem with the judges also being participants.

However, from a practical and political point of view, I can see that it could cause problems. I think it unlikely that the judges would cheat, but it would leave the competition open to accusations of cheating, which could create quite a bit of bad feeling.

So in conclusion I feel that judges shouldn’t also be participants, although I would expect that this would cut down the number of prospective judges quite a bit.

Cheers, Tim.

I’ll judge if you like, I wasn’t planning on entering this year anyway.


Thumbs up. I’ll write you down, and let you know once the site is opened.

And yes, I agree with the principal of judges not being participants. Just wanted to know what you guys thought.

How dare you, kevglass!
I say we boycott the contest until kev devides to enter :wink:

Final judging panel:

Arni Arent (appel)
Joakim Johnsson (jojoh)
Kevin Glass (kevglass)
Matt Hicks (darkfrog)
Chris Melissinos (ChrisM)