JuddMan's 2D Map editor lives again

Since I’m going to need a 2D map editor for an rpg I hope to start work on soon, I’ve decided to resurect/zombify JuddMan’s Multilayered Map Editor. (original site https://sites.google.com/site/juddman/, original discussion thread http://www.java-gaming.org/index.php?topic=18068.0)

I’ve put Judd’s 1.01 source on github with a couple of basic refactors. And there it will stay until Judd shows up and tells me to take it down. But hopefully he comes by and tells me to switch from the Judd license to GNU or Apache or something else a little more standard. GitHub link https://github.com/sarcastibots/JuddMaps/wiki

Feel free to contribute to the project if you have a feature you want to implement.

Meanwhile, I"m off to bang on the layering system to try and make it more flexible.

“The Judd License”, haha!
I’ve added a BSD license on the original project (and bumped the “version” to 1.0.2)

It looks like this didn’t really go anywhere, but if anyone does want to fork, adapt, update, they are very welcome to do so.