Joystick with JInput

Hello all, I am currently in the process of building a table top arcade cabinet to house some of my games. I have the housing, and I’m about to buy joysticks and buttons. I will just have a PC inside the housing to run the games, and will be using JInput. So my question is, will a USB joystick such as work with JInput? From what I can tell, the buttons and joysticks just plug into a USB card, which would then plug into the PC…but would JInput be able to read a joystick such as this one on Windows 10? Any help would be great, thanks!

After reading the sticky it would seem that yes you can use a joystick. Now, as far as does it work? No idea and I’m not sure if anybody here knows judging by the list of posts in this sub. Best bet is to try it out and see. You could also look through the JavaDoc (can’t as I’m on my work machine) and see what’s in there.

I went ahead and bought this: I’ll post on whether or not JInput can read it. If it can I’ll have a pretty awesome arcade cabinet!

Cool, let us know. You’ll also have to post pics when you’re done.

If it doesn’t work send me a pm.

I will post pics with the progress and PM you if it doesn’t work, thanks!