[Journal] TinyStealth

This is me officially throwing my (overly elaborate, yet somewhat mishapen) hat into the ring in a vauge attempt to motivate myself and actually finish something. :slight_smile: I’m planning a platformer with stealth elements, although I’ve not decided on a name yet so ‘TinyStealth’ is the current placeholder.

Unlike Markus I think i’ll be keeping it old-school and statically assigning my palette by hand, with some palette cycling and other tricks to make the game look like it’s using more colours than it’s actually displaying at any given time. My feeble programmer brain is currently breaking that down into 8 colours for characters and enemies, 4 for backgrounds and 4 for ‘special’ colours.

Progress so far is a little proof-of-concept to test how a platformer can work in the tiny resolution. I’m aiming for single-screen rooms (no scrolling) so everything has to be pretty compact.



Hello Orangy Tang,

Tried it on :
Acer Aspire 5740, Windows 7 , Internet Explorer, jdk1.6.0_20
Mac Mini, Snow Leopard OS X, Safari, jdk 1.6.0_20
Suse 10 (Virtual Machine), firefox, jdk 1.6.0_19
HP Compaq 6820, Fedora 8, Firefox, jdk 1.6.0_04

The Linux machines (both virtual and physical) couldn’t get focus in the applet
so I was unable to move.

Conept is interesting. As far as I can tell the colored bars allow me to travel
through them, but the gray and white bars don’t let me cross. But when
hitting the jump key I sometimes could pass them. Don’t know if that is

Best regards from


Was able to crash it by going through the side wall and then dropping down:

[quote]Exception in thread “BioSpark Main” java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 30
at biospark.EgaScreen.setPixel(EgaScreen.java:82)
at biospark.room.PlayerCharacter.draw(PlayerCharacter.java:475)
at biospark.room.Room.draw(Room.java:148)
at biospark.Flow.draw(Flow.java:44)
at biospark.BioSpark.draw(BioSpark.java:151)
at biospark.BioSpark.run(BioSpark.java:121)
at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)

That screen effect is really nice, but also against the rules (or so I hope).

[quote]Couldn’t open from file, trying classpath (java.security.AccessControlException: access denied (“java.io.FilePermission” “Data\resources.xml” “read”))
Mapping ‘Image’ to class biospark.ImageResource
path: Vignette_640x480.png
on floor 20.329994

Yeah, basically I gave up on this. :-\

I tried about three different approaches but couldn’t get the AI movement / animation to look good enough at such a tiny resolution, where foot sliding and single-pixel errors are hugely noticable. :frowning:

So I’ve gone back to Albion instead.