[Journal] TinyRPG

Hello JGO,

I saw the example images posted by ShannonSmith and decided to go with a RPG game.

I have some basic ideas for the gameplay, like:

  • Collecting gold coins (or maybe ores like gold, silver, copper…)
  • Killing ugly pixel animals

I’ll make the map continuous by walking towards the edge. When the torso pixel (dark red) hits the edge it will switch to the bordering map. I originally planned on adding scrolling but I felt that would be too jerky since I can’t use actual pixels to smooth it. It’s all 8x8 or whatever zoom level is set.

I can’t really decide on 4x or 8x zoom. It’s playable at either levels but I don’t want to make it impossible to see (like if it were actually 40x30 :P).

Progress Log

  • EGA color class (feel free to use/improve it: http://pastie.org/916717)
  • Rendering with variable zoom (so map building isn’t difficult)
  • Visual palette and pencil coloring (works like MS Paint)
  • Map saving/loading (testing only; will be replaced with a better system soon)
  • Cleaned up EGA colors


4x zoom:

8x zoom:

Good heavens, I haven’t even drafted the rules yet and we already have a journal. Slow down people, we have a few months.

On the other hand, coming along nicely.

Looks like a good start. I agree that it is a problem wether to have a size that you can see, but with jerky scrolling, or a small size with smooth scrolling but can’t see very well. But I think 8x is working ok.