[Journal] Missile Command

Missile Command:

Resizable Version
Medium Version (Probably the best to play)
Small Version

Still need to add sound, and wouldnt mind cleaning it up a little bit.

Pretty cool. I got 1000.

But my click-finger is in pain now!

Very well done !

However, I think you should limit the players firing and reduce the numbers of missles coming . Because the way it is now, it’s not a skill game, but a resistance game : the longer you can keep clicking the screen like a madman, the better score you get .

I would prefer a more strategy/skill oriented . Like CommanderKeith, my finger is hurting right now and I’m not planning to play again because of that!

Sorry about all the pain I have caused. ::slight_smile:

Will do.

So far it has been very rushed as I have been busy. But really wanted to get something to show before dead line.

Time to start looking at everyone else’s games.

Nice game, but a bit buggy on my machine. (The sound effects were just painful clicking sounds, and the mouse stopped working at times.)

But for a while there I felt like I was back in the eighties, playing on my old Atari VCS…