[Journal] Gravity Bender

Hello everyone,

I’m gonna do a platformer where the main dude has a gravity bending tool that can pick up and toss objects out of the way. Goal of the game is to get through the whole level before the time runs out. Pick up gold for points and time capsules to increase the timer.

I’ll be using the new physics engine I have been working on.


Left to do:
Needs a level editor
Needs a level select screen
Applying sound

If there is enough time and I don’t get lazy, I’ll add images to the map layer.

Added some images to the game.


Now to work on the Level Editor…

Very interesting!
I´m looking forward to testing this
engine out!

Best regards from


did you change anythign besides the images from your physics demo? cause the map is event he same :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol yea the game play is now in this one, and since the map data is completely different than what I have done in the past its very tedious to type up new maps. That is why you’re seeing the same map everywhere. So now I’m just working on the map editor so I can start putting the game together.

I decided to go with a separate application for the editor. Since the game is an applet, writing to the database would mean a lot of testing. So I’ll probably add that in after the compo.

I just woke up, so back to coding.

This looks cool, very VirusEffect inspired. I’m looking forward to playing it.

what can you expect he drinks eats and breaths VE lol.

Mmm num num num, thats good VE :slight_smile:

Well although I was late and before I go to bed, I’m putting this up:
Play Gravity Bender

It is just an edited test level right now. Soon there will be more, now that I finished the level editor.


Lol there was 1 second left when i took the screen shot.

I’ll be adding highscores for every level, an in game level editor with saving for others to play them, and of course the rest of the polish.

Good job to everyone else.

Cool,…reallly cool! Thumbs UP! :smiley:

Too bad you didn’t finish. I thought this seemed nifty, although there was plenty to do, clearly… like I flew through the wall while I was moving around. Otherwise looks very impressive.