Joining a Project

I’m looking to join someone’s java game project. I’ve got about 3 years of experience using java. I’m here for anyone who needs an extra pair of coding hands. The best way to contact me is through discord chat: Nebulousram#0636 ( If you haven’t already join the discord: )

You might elaborate a bit what you are actually looking for? I believe working on something which you are not interested in might not result in positive synergy between the involved parties :slight_smile:

I figured the site itself is built for java game developers, so naturally I am looking to get involved in any java game project. I’ve used swing, libgdx, and jMonkeyEngine. I am happy to work under any IDE that the project may require me to work under.

Maybe you would like to join not really game but tool?
I’m creating GUI library on base of NanoVG bindings to easy integrate to games based on LWJGL OpenGL bindings.

What do you think?

If you haven’t found a spot then I can do with a hand. I’m afraid the main game is written and plays reasonably well but it needs the following:

  • translating to JavaFX (or similar) to utilise the fullscreen capabilities on all hardware ie laptops.
  • Integration with Steam (cloud save and leaderboards)
  • conversion to exe
  • deployment via Steam

I’m afraid my current games aren’t listed on here but I write arcade style shoot them ups (I just like playing that style of game).

I have a smaller and potentially interesting thing–I need somebody to test modding for my game. Basically, you would try to figure out my code (which I take pride in it being well thought-out), make something with it, and tell me what you think is a good idea or a bad idea.

If this is something you want to do, add me on discord, cygnus#8296 and also join the JGO discord (