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Here at Jumpbutton Studio, We have our moments of humor and relaxation, we never set solid deadlines to things as we understand and appreciate that everyone within our team/family has lives that they must tend to but we always get what we need to get completed without delay. This is what allows our method of development to flow smoothly. We are currently looking for more programmers to join our family of buttons to help with our current and future project developments.

We have multiple games with different genres in development. Therefore we are looking for skilled individuals i[/i] to help out in various departments ranging from PC, Mobile, & PSVita. If you would like to see a little more about the games we are working on, you can visit our website with the link below. We are currently in the process of adding more to our website, as it is still in development. If you have any questions regarding our games in development, our team, etc, then feel free to contact us at the email below. We look forward to hearing from possible candidates soon. Happy Holidays.


  • Sense of humor
  • Friendly
  • Able to use Skype
  • Able to use Google hangouts and Team Speak (mic preferred)
  • Networking Knowledge
  • A passion for games
  • Good communication skills
  • Dedication

Something that is a plus is: Ability to build tools and things from the ground up.

P.S: We are open to reviewing applications for other positions we did not mention. If you have a skill you wish to make use of within our team, please feel free to send in an application as well.


Hey guys, just an update. We are also looking for web developers as well for anyone interested.

Positions still available! We are more focused on web developers and software currently, but also require more game developers. Please send us an email if interested.

Sounds fun ;D I’m not looking for work but have a few tips (things I’m kinda missing in your job description):

  • What do you offer? As in: are we talking about a paid position here?
  • Is the work at a specific location or remote?
  • What technology is involved? I mean, I suppose you will not build games using just Skype and Google Hangouts will you? :wink:

So sounds nice and fun, but maybe you should think a bit about what potential candidates would like to know about you and what you are doing.

Good luck!

Hey! Sorry, it seems I failed to notice that wasn’t included but oddly thought I had answered at least the first one. We are all currently developing voluntarily through our love for game creation but will eventually be a paid work after successful projects. The location is at home haha, just need to be able to use a computer of some sort and communicate with the team. Technology involved, to communicate we use both Skype and Hangouts, as well as text messages or phone calls should it be required. If you meant anything deeper to technology, please let us know! Many things we use is at most programmed from scratch using a few libs and the like.