JOGL video rendering.

Dear all,

I am newbie to JOGL and using JOGL for video rendering on MACOSX. Please help me to solve below problem. Thanks in advance.

I have to play multiple video streams received from network simultaneously with approximate frame rate of 30fps on MAC OSX and I am using GLJPanel with JInternalFrame. To achieve approximate frame rate I am using FPSAnimator and I am getting frames from native using JNI. This will work for single video stream playback to achieve 30fps, but I am facing problem with multiple video streams playback simultaneously. Because I am not able to achieve approximate frame rate of 30fps, for ex: for 4 video streams playback, I can achieve 20fps and for 8 video streams playback, I can achieve 10fps. So that my video movements are not at all smooth and I am loosing frames (Because JOGL is not playing fast enough). From this behavior, it is looking like JOGL is exactly working as single threaded not as multithreaded. Please let me know, is JOGL really works as single threaded on MAC OSX or anything else I need to do.

I am using exported jar from eclipse to XCode and running through XCode.


Cross link to the JogAmp JOGL forum that answered this question: