I’ve finished my first entry into Java4K 2013. I’ve made an action RPG, in which your skills and powers increase along with the danger of the world.

Slightly weakened Squido and increased the power of Joe Level 7

Full leveling experience in about 5 Minutes! No Tedious Grinding
Cinematic Zoom!
4 Enemy Types!

More details and instructions on the game page

Things start out easy.

But then get a little more difficult …

Until its too late!

Hey there, grats on your entry ;D

I played around with it a while and have some feedback:

  • movement to left and right appears a bit weird: monsters do not seem to shift in the way I expect.
  • there’s way too many monsters to even survive for 3 seconds, am I doing something wrong?

Not sure what you mean about the left/right movement, could you give more detail?

General Tips

When you start out it takes multiple shots to take down a monster, so try to focus them down. If you let too many monsters spawn at the beginning they will become hard to overcome. I tend to try to jump around an eliminate a few particular guys. Once you have killed ten, you level up and the ground monsters shouldn’t be any trouble.

Press Escape at any time to restart the game. Starting fresh sometimes makes the beginning easier to manage since the game begins the moment the applet loads (IE when the site loads.)

I played it some more, and got a bit further this time. I guess what made me confused a bit about the horizontal movement is the lack of a moving ground -> I can only see that I’m moving compared to the monsters. But the monsters also move, and that makes it a bit hard for me to see whether I’m moving, or the monsters are.

Avoiding the monsters at the first level seems pretty much impossible for me. However, I also noticed that this does not appear to matter much since there’s hardly any penalty for being hit. Personally I would prefer it if there were fewer monsters initially, and if being hit was a bit more consequential (e.g. something like insta-death or 3 hits = dead). My actions don’t really feel meaningful in the beginning.

Having played it a bit more, I must say I like the over-the-top abilities; flinging around fireballs while flying and teleporting at will is fun ;D