[JME3] Cubic Nightmare

This is my first completed 3D game (sort-of); that is not counting a simple “microgame” about rolling bounders to try to bounce them out of an arena, or that it now occurs to me I need to do just a little more to polish it. This makes it may third (or fourth) game overall, counting pure Java arcade-style games, Macy Mae’s Eating Adventure and Ship Swarm Shoot-Up. It’s not that great or fancy or exciting, but it is playable and offers a challenge that can make it interesting for a little while; I do hope to do bigger and better games in the future.

This is a simple game. You wake up to find you and your room have been transported to an endless dungeon, and your goal is to find your way out while avoiding the Deathcubes (find your way through 12 levels to win). You can find and pick up randomly scattered books along the way for bonus points.


I do think now that sometime in the near future I need to go ahead and add a victory screen reporting the final score and perhaps the total time. Also, I now realize I should really have loading screens (especially for Windows and lower end PCs, I had no idea how much slower Java was on Windows than Linux until I tested my “completed” version). Other than that, I think it’s done, as I have more interesting projects I’d like to work on (and have already started on).

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