jME and JWS

I am currently considering moving from J3D to jME or another 3D Rendering API and would like to know how well jME works with Java Web Start.

My current frustrations with J3D and JWS are with OSX. Basically, you have to install the J3D libs yourself even if they are included in the JNLP.

So does jME work with the major OS’s (OSX, WinXP, and GNU/Linux)?


Yes jME works perfectly fine with jws on win, mac, linux. Check out the jws demo’s on the jme site, they should work on all 3 platforms.

So how do I download JME? Please don’t tell me that I have to install SVN and pull from google source. Git is the only SCM that graces my computer plus I need builds for OSX, Windows, and GNU/Linux.


You can download the 1.0 release from the files section (http, see If you want to use the development version you’ll need an SVN client as you suspected.

…and you should consider posting on the jME Forums as there is much more jme-related activity than here (actually it’s nearly zero here, as you might have noticed).