Jinput Analog X, Y, Z Axis input noise

Hello, 2 days ago i implemented JInput and mapped all buttons, DPAD and different AXIS, but i am having issues with Analogic AXIS, for example: when i move the stick on Y AXIS i am also having events on X AXIS, so when i try to move the player on Y AXIS is moved as well on X AXIS because of that.

what is the best approach to prevent this?, i am using Jinput 2.0.9 btw, horseman obviously.

I used JInput for Dodger Dog. I’m at work now, but I can send you the code for it when I get home later. Whatever i did works really well, but I cant really remember how I did it.

sure, thanks, that can work, I could make it work with DPAD and buttons, but I haven’t make the analogic work yet.

Woah dude I totally forgot, then took a weekend trip. I’ll PM you later tonight if you still need it. I know the analog sticks work like a percentage though, if that helps. But I also think it depends on the controller. For instance the triggers. Playstation triggers are used like a button, either on or off, where as XBox triggers are used with a percentage. The analog sticks no matter what controller I believe are all based on being in between -1 and 1, where 0 is not doing anything with it, but I’ll make sure and PM you later (for real this time lol).

no problem, on PS4 triggers act like button but at the same time as analogic input, I’ve tested Xbox one and PS4 controllers, however where I have the issue is with the threshold but I kinda could fix this all values between -0.35 to 0.35 will be ignored, however when the X AXIS or Y AXIS are 1 or -1 the process is stopped, I mean when I reach those values I can’t get more events from jinput, dunno if that is normal, gonna make more testing on it today, thank you.