JGO Petite - Sunday, April 11, 6:00PM GMT

Image Pack!

Let’s get Petite!

The first JGO Petite will be on Sunday, April 11, at 6:00 PM, GMT. It’s hosted by me, Demonpants.

See JGO Petite general rules here:

Host-specific rules

  • Teams are allowed.
  • The meeting place is on IRC:
    That’s #jgo-petite on Freenode.
  • This competition will be just one hour. That means it starts promptly at 6:00 and ends at 7:00.
  • You must be in the IRC channel by 5:50 to be considered for entry.
  • A website for voting and submittal will be coming in the near future.
  • You must use 6 randomly chosen Google Image Search gifs that will be posted at contest start. They can appear anywhere in your game in any fashion. They will always be one single entity, never sprite sheets or anything of the like.
  • You can use whatever framework you want. In fact, the game doesn’t even have to be in Java. But whatever you make must be portable to at least PC and Mac, preferably to Linux as well.
  • You can doctor the gifs if you’d like, they just need to remain recognizable.


Who’s coming? Any questions or comments?

If all goes to plan this will be my first dev competition! Sounds pretty fun and can’t wait.

Our game can have any theme or concept, it just has to include the gifs?

Maybe, I might be going out dancing instead. I’m a bit concerned about the 1 hour timescale. Will be using Chatzilla for IRC . Note to self: 18:00GMT = 19:00BST. Oh and it’s Sunday week, not this Sunday.

Yup, just needs to have the gifs in it. :slight_smile:

Why exactly gifs ?

I dont think I’ll join this one , I’ll be traveling :confused:

I will participate on the voting tough

Any chance we can get a copy of the ‘official’ framework a few days beforehand? I don’t want to waste my hour stumbling through a new API.

Or if we’re allowed to use Slick… then, disregard this, because I’ll be good to go :wink:

Edit: Are these animated GIFs?

I’m assuming these are just 6 random images and not a sprite sheet. Probably different sizes and aspect ratios too. Is it Ok to doctor the images (e.g. resize, crop)? How about full photoshoppery, as long as the image is recognisable. I assume the images are tenously related as Google will do an image search based on keywords.

I chose gifs because then they will probably have transparency and therefore will work a little better in the context of a game.

I will be avoiding anything like a sprite sheet that is not one cohesive image.

You can doctor the images as long as they remain recognizable.

I’m not going to provide an official framework I don’t think, mainly because I don’t have the time. As a result, you can use whatever framework you want. Slick, PulpCore, whatever. I’ll probably just use Java2D on top of my Entity system. Hopefully doing a few of these will result in a unified framework everyone can use.

just for the ease of all users, u may want to put what time it is in for other counrties, there is a site taht does htis I think, but I cannot remember the name :P. U might know it


It’s good you posted this, actually. I didn’t realize they don’t take daylight savings into account.

Copyright infringement.

Are you really concerned about this for a 1 hour game? Why not work for an hour and then change them afterwards if you like your prototype?

If people are really concerned about this, I can make 6 gifs to be used. And put them all under GPL.

Everyone does it sometimes

I don’t think it’s big deal for a 1 hour contest, unless someone makes profit somehow.

But instead of fueling a copyright ‘debate’ … @Demonpants, why don’t you just pick some images from free resources instead of random Google search.

Depends on whether you want to archive them online as for Java4k. I wouldn’t for example like to see an applet full of Mario or Sonic images attributed to me permanently available (or any trade mark as companies have to persue infringers to maintain the trade mark).

Indeed, but I don’t run competitions encouraging people to break the law. There are plenty of free resources out there, please use those instead.

All righty then - I’ll make sure the images are creative commons.

nice this will be at 20:00H here in france, I ll try (and hope) to get ready !

Yup, it’s tomorrow! I’m getting some sprites ready to go.

I recommend to everyone to having a good idea of what you want to do beforehand. Then cut that idea into 1/10. :slight_smile:

Sounds fun, but I can’t believe that anything can be done in just 1hr! (unless you just slap the images into an existing game!)

I’d love to take part but it will be 4am here on a monday morning and I have to work :frowning:

Have fun, i look forward to seeing what you guys can get done in that time 8)