As a homage to the good old days on the ZX Spectrum, I’ve just blown the weekend on Jetp4K;

You can play the (slightly larger) applet version here.

I really wanted to get sounds in but I can’t see how - this is right down to the bone at 4095 bytes.

Amazing work!


A weekend well spent. Cool fun! :smiley:

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All I get is this.
I’m using the latest Java.
Windows Vista.
Chrome browser.

Nice, but on the balls level, the balls stop when they hit the platforms. (bounce back and forth and don’t move).

Woo, I won! Fun times. Great job for 4k.


I remember playing this game when I was just a little kid on my Sinclair Spectrum! :slight_smile: What a flashback!

Perfect implementation too!

[quote]I really wanted to get sounds in but I can’t see how - this is right down to the bone at 4095 bytes.
Btw. with 4kjo I was able to take your jar and compress it to 4000 bytes!

I am very impressed by this

Tons of fun

Awesome! Lots of graphics =)

Coo, that’s a blast from the past! That was the first Spectrum game I ever played.

Cas :slight_smile:

I forgot 4KJO!!! Now even with two extra enemies it’s down to 4084 bytes ;D
(I gave up on the sound as it was really irritating)

439 bytes worth! BTW if anyone wants to try my (monochrome) image compression system let me know & I’ll tidy it up post it in links, tips & goodies.

send image, lets see if we can compress more :slight_smile:

Awesome. All it’s missing is the attribute clash. :wink:

Unbelievable! This year’s 4K is insane!

EDIT: I mean, geeze! You even have an “intro” for goodness sakes. Very, very impressive.

There isn’t an actual image - I preprocess the images into a data file then reconstruct them on the fly, that way I can recolour the images and get transparency at no extra cost. Eg I just added a new alien image for level 4 using only 20 bytes! Jar currently at 4071 bytes…

thinks Didn’t I have a social life once? I’m off to the pub! Cheers!

Final touch: he now lifts his legs up as he jets about. 4092 bytes.

Next game: GTA4K (only kidding!)

Awesome game!

really great game! I’m a fan of 80’s. I had a MSX computer but I don’t remember of this game, I think it’s only for Spectrum

Amazing graphics. Love that old-school look. Each level introduces a new enemy type (different sprite and behavior). Very cool stuff. I like the ship animation used at the start and end of levels. I like the goal of trying to get fuel to the ship. What do the diamonds do? Just give you points? It’s a bit repetitive, but it’s an impressive entry.