JDIV , a 2d engine for java (fully java2d)

hello guys, im working in a 2d engine that i called JDIV , 100% java2d, without other 3rd partys , the project is still young, and im still working on it, so i wanted to share with you, some test that i’ve done using my engine, and i hope you like it and be helpful, maybe to decide on the future with tool use

the file has the source code of the all the samples include, to show how’s the programing method using this tool, i base my engine in a 2d game language called Fenix , you can see the original compiler in http://fenix.divsite.net , im using their own formats from fenix , that are FPG a file to store image files, a easy way to store sprites and do animation, and FNT , font image files, a very easy way to do bitmap fonts

you can download the engine in this url : http://www.joyalstudios.com/files/jdiv.rar

any comments, any suggestion will be so helpful


At first, why should you be proud of writing something in 100% Java2D? We don’t use third party API by sadomasochism, we use them because we need them and I don’t see this need as a problem, I’m happy to use OpenGL and not only plain Java2D.

Secondly, I cannot open RAR files, it would be fine to convert it into ZIP except if you want to prevent some Linux/Unix users from opening it.

Finally, what does your engine offer that others don’t? Sorry to be a bit harsh. Good luck.

Behave, gouessej.

Pure java will work in applets and webstart apps without requiring signing the app or having the user agree to hand over his computer to you.

thx Markus_Persson , to answer :slight_smile: , other thing is in others non java2d mostly all the time you have to get a specific version depending on the OS you have, because of their dll or .o , etc, native code , something that with java2d doesnt happend

you’re probably right, with opengl you can get more advance features, and it’s more powerful, but java2d is not bad at all :slight_smile: , you can do a very decent game with this

i think the main goal of my engine is be able to do game in a very easy way, honestly opengl can be very complicated, and for the people who are starting in the game development world can be very hard to get used to it, i think that is the only different thing i can offer with this engine

zip version: http://www.joyalstudios.com/files/jdiv.zip

I tried it and everything worked fine. You should make an applet with the examples instead of offering the .bat files, so we can easily click through.
The particles demo is extremely slow (shows 2 fps here, actually it is 1 fps). I didn’t look at the code, but you can get 50x (minimum!) the performance with pure software rendering.

oh yes, the particle engine test, should be not there ^^. is not working fine, because the blending modes are too slow , if you recompile the sample without the blending mode just erasing the part “this.blend=BLEND_ADD;” on Particle.java , should be fine, sorry about that, just ignore it for now ^^, and i will put applet version as soon i can


I do think there is a need for a very good Java2D library/engine that is fast, feature-rich, and SMALL IN SIZE. It’ll be hard to beat Slick in speed, but you can beat it in other areas.

Too often these libraries are simply too big. Let’s take Slick for example, it’s very big with all it’s dependencies, too big IMO for a small Applet game (1MB in size I believe, not sure).

For an Applet game the library shouldn’t be more than 100 KB in TOTAL, in my honest opinion!

So, writing another Java2D engine for the sake of writing another Java2D engine, well, good luck with that, it’s not exactly what is needed.

I know this is a very old topic, but I want to download jDiv but the site is down; Anybody have that file (jDiv.rar or .zip)?

Thx in advance.

Thank you so much for having that understanding, my game engine is similar to yours in the sense that it takes advantage of all the java api that will already be there for the user without having to download or update your OS/Computer and the fact that OpenGL is very complicated for newer game developers, having a simple easy game engine that deals with simple tasks can be rewarding to those just starting out. I remember how frustrating it was when I first started out, even with just programming itself.