JavaFX Lines game.


20 years old Russian Game - Lines (originally designed 1990 for DOS by some lady
who name I forgot and can not find now). First Java game I wrote 1995 on Java (it
was Java alpha at that time).

Now I made it in Java FX.

Play - line up 5 balls same color, then they disappear. Each step it generates 5
more Randomly, until field full.

Thanks, Vassili.

P.S. Click on ball to select it, click on space to move selected ball to it (if there is free path).

Added to shortcut, my parents like such kind games.

Pathfinding in the game reminded me the homeworks at university :slight_smile:

nice job, its fun.

Nice game indeed!

I made more relaxed version - less colors:

It is colorNum in html code defines number of color (from 2 to 6):

I guess you may copy part of html and jnlp to put it in your own page with your own number of colors
(if 5 is too much).

Thanks, Vassil.

P.S. Be carefull it is very addicted - back in 1990 this game was disaster for every offices back in USSR
which has IBM PC.
… I am wondering how it contributed into USSR collapse which happened exactly same time…

Yeah this is a nice game, I had the same game on my cellphone.

79 highscore sucka

I got 12X :slight_smile:

Just hung loading here with the Java animated logo :confused: Rather unlike Flash would have done. Bah.

Cas :slight_smile:

Ditto. And I’ve got wicked fast internets.

I guess it is some download error - you may check java console.
What is you platform?

Thanks, Vassili.

Opera - never mind. I’m not sure how Opera manage to break Java so well every time. I think Sun might want to have a word with them. Works in Chrome.

Cas :slight_smile:

Safari, Mac OS X.

Java 5.

It is working on Mac for sure. I do not have details (I do not have Mac myself) but friend of mine has no problem with this game.

Thanks, Vassili.

85 on first try :wink: