javafx is out + video

well javaFX is only interesting for me, for video playback

and its still [quote]Video: FLV containing VP6 video and MP3 audio
VP6 ? I cannot even encode it. tried 20 flv converters, it could almost never play it

I thought their kinect and webcam integration looked pretty cool, as well as the mix between 2D and 3D elements. If we can get at their windowing API, that would be an awesome move away from AWT (assuming that’s not on top of AWT).

The WebView component looks way cool. It basically means that GUI’s can be done like websites using CSS and HTML which is much better.

The javafx javadocs are weird, there’s a ‘property summary’ in addition to the usual method summary and constructor summary. Also, there’s no more ‘field summary’. Strange.

They seem to have ditched Swing’s convention of using ints for menu widths and heights in favour of doubles which is cool. And there’s no more Path2D.Float and Path2D.Double, everything just uses double.

You have to sign up to Oracle to be able to download the RUNTIME. WTF??? :o
Are they trying to sabotage their own products… ???

its a seperate runtime??? that is never gunna work hahahha, especially if you have to sign up :P.

I think I read somewhere that in java 8 javafx runtime will be integrated into java runtime. I am not 100% sure.

No Linux support, no H264 or even VP8. Still a long way to go.

I think I’ll take a look when the videos that demo it are not displayed using flash.

Hehe. Well to be fair the “Java FX Ensemble” demos how to play videos, but I doubt it is used anywhere outside a demo. Also the code to show a video wasn’t a one-liner… it was over 300 lines of code :emo: Didn’t look closer at it, maybe they are doing a whole lot of clever things that I didn’t realize.

The ensemble demo also shows a “Warning - security”, “Digital signature cannot be verified.” when launching. :’( Pleasant user experience is obviously not a high prio at Oracle…

Where are the demos?

This is what I stumbled upon, but I am not sure this is for 2.0 specifically, but I think I picked up the word Ensemble from some JavaFX 2.0 rant:
Sort of neat, but probably not enough to save FX. Nice if we get it in to normal Java.

Hm, relatively slick installation. Seems buggy and rough in a few areas - font rendering is blurry, HTML view has some odd text layout issues, and text selection produces a lot of odd little artifacts.

Cas :slight_smile:

There is only a preview for JavaFX and nothing for Linux. This thing is still useless for me.