JavaFX game - GoldenRed (half baked)

This one is “under development” yet.

Thanks, Vassili.

omgsh that is so funny, i love it. hahaha.


Keyboard doesn’t work on Mac =( Probably my fault =)

Haha very funny.

Looks cool, but the keys won’t work for me (Win XP)

I have FireFox and if focus is in applet - if I click on it first, keys does work. However, if I change window and then go back it does not work.

Thanks, Vassili.

I’m also using FireFox. The Left/Right/Space keys don’t work for me, but left clicking does work.

Add few pines - made forest…

Thanks, Vassili.

Keys don’t work…and where are the FX? Is this all, Java FX can deliver?

Well, yes this is just a fraction of what is capable for, but I am just having fun even with this.

I am programming on JavaFx probably for a week now and way behind all the greatest and latest
Multimedia-3D-Video-Audio… whistles and blowers what it have.

However I guess this exercise demonstrate major JavaFX feature (at least for me) - rapid development.
I wrote Lines Game in a day. This one few days over weekends and mostly it is drawing then programming.

To me this rapid development is key feature of JavaFX and it does play this way very well so far. As
you all may see on this two humble examples…

Regards, Vassili.

Yup, same for me. This happened on a different Java FX app for me as well.

New update - just rapidly developed another type of Enemy - roboBear…

Today I did object oriented background and object oriented Enemies out of simple working prototype. I am not yet hit all this multymedia staff, but it terms of rapid development JavaFX really does work. For now I think I spend total 3 days programming - last Weekend and today and it going pretty fast.

Thanks, Vassili.

XP, cannot press buttons either, jsut goes into my browser, IE.

yes the mosu does work.

Pretty cool. Would be nice if when she hits the enemies, fountains of nuts and bolts were happening…

I fixed Keyboard handling - it turns out it was bug in Windows, and I should not really have any keyboard events…
Now with:

        Rectangle {
            opacity: 0
            focusable: true
            fill: Color.rgb(100, 100, 100)
            width: 800
            height: 350
            onKeyPressed: function(ke: KeyEvent){
                if (ke.text == "Right") {
                } else if (ke.text == "Left") {
                } else if (ke.text == "Space") {
            onMousePressed: function(me: MouseEvent){

It should work on Mac too. Can somebody check this, please?

…Seems like Chrome working pretty well with this game…

Thanks, Vassili.