JavaFX example with Phys2D

Here is a JavaFX example with Phys2D :wink:

Worked nicely under Chrome, failed miserably under Opera, as usual. I think it’s about time Opera got their act together.

Cas :slight_smile:

works, but with only 5fps :frowning:

Java: 6u12
Browser: IE7
CPU: P4 3.0GHz
GPU: GeForce 6200 (ancient stuff)

Very very laggy here, ran the JNLP version. Mac OS X 10.5 Java 1.5 Safari.

work nice but very slow too, I think around 10 fps, physic seems to work very well.

Java 1.6_07 / IE6 / AMD 1.6GHz / ATI X800

Unfortunately you’re out of luck with your video board. HW acceleration for JavaFX requires 6u10+ and pixel shader 3.0-capable hw.


Does the scene graph still have scaling issues (many nodes in a scene) or was that fixed in JavaFX 1.1?

pretty neat, doesn’t have any lag here.

IE 7.0 Integrated graphic card and E8400 cpu

It’s much better in the upcoming release (JavaOne timeframe), but 1.1 is still not that great.


ok but pixelshader 3.0 ? there are not that much graphics ??

[quote]JavaFX requires 6u10+
I see… the webstart is ok but unfortunatly the applet crash (I got 1.6-07)

I will give it another try on another computer, dont reall want to change my configuration.