JavaFX category and resources

I would like to see the Java Graphics categories updated to better reflect current usage.

For example, instead of Java 2D as the top level, suppose we changed the top to something like “Graphics” and created subtopics for 2D/AWT/Swing, JavaFX, and OpenGL implementations? Other ideas?

I’d also like to have a resources page for JavaFX. For starters, there really should be a link or multiple links to I also just came across the following resource for various tools and libraries: Best JavaFX Libraries for Beautiful Apps and Clean Code. It’s three years old, but there are still some valuable resources here. I came across it while looking for info about a “Materials” theme widget library. I’m about to give JFoenix a try.

Agreed? Additional suggestions on this topic?
How do we make it so?

I always thought we should perhaps just collapse all of the main areas of game dev into single topics… eg. 2D Graphics, 3D Graphics, Audio, Input. Then any threads under those could just talk about whatever tech they happen to be about.

I see, then for example, the 2D section would hold questions pertaining to Swing or JavaFX or whatever?

I guess that works. (Not enthused.)

Along those lines, maybe make a distinction between widgets/controls and drawing? Or throw that all together into the same bins, too?

I suppose my vision/hope that more questions pertaining to a sub-topic will manifest if it has its own category is somewhat futile? In other words, if people aren’t asking questions to begin with, a subcategory will simply sit empty?

Regardless, where and how do we post resources?

I think simplicity is the way to go, too many categories just confuses things

I would do the following

  • Merge Miscellaneous Topics, Newbie and Business Management in to General discussions
  • Merge WIP and Featured in to Showcase
  • Renamed Java Sound And OpenAl in to Sound
  • Performance tuning and Game Mechanics merged in to a new Maths category
  • Rename Java 2D to just 2D
  • Rename OpenGL to just 3D
  • All sub categories merged in to the main category

For resources there are stickyd posts already, we could just rename those and update them

I can go along with almost all of that suggestion.

I do think every forum should have a newbie or newcomer area. I would not want to see it merged away. New people should have a place that says “welcome” and that is safe for uninformed questions, where they won’t get jumped on for not knowing something or not knowing/following the herd or group mind.

I would like to see a place for packaging and distribution. This has become quite a headache. There are lots of issues and questions, and I don’t see where to put it, otherwise.

Having “2D” is definitely better than “Java 2D” which could be mistaken for the specific api by that name. So, good call on that.

Agreed with all of that.

@philfrei I have made you a moderator so that you can make the changes :grinning:


I’m going to give the topic another 48 hours or so for additional comments before changing things, in case there are others that want to weigh in.

Also, have to check out the “Moderation in Moderation” article that I was sent to read! :slight_smile: