Java4K on

Fun to read. A little review of Java4K along with short review for the top 5 games.

Over 12,000 visitors from there so far :slight_smile:

most probably because that article made it onto Digg

Some comments there about the site being slow. What are your thoughts on this?

Sorta cute how they copied the encoding error.

“Author: MÃ¥ns Olson”


never had any problems with the site being slow, maybe it was just Digg effect.

I came back to this forum to ask if anyone knew where the java4k contest had been advertised recently, as all games on its site have dramatically increased their number of hits these last few days… But actually the answer was waiting for me !

And concerning the site being slow, I never met any problem of this kind on my side. Didn’t the people rather complain about the javawebstart ?

Isn’t that a browser charset encoding issue?

I haven’t looked at this problem really, but I guess it’s because I moved the site to a new hosting service, which has different setup, but it probably got corrupted during database export/import.

I hate encoding problems, it can be either the unix server OS settings, the mysql settings, the php settings, the file encoding itself, e.g. how it’s stored on the file system, or how the file encoding is described in the xhtml code, browser settings, or even how the text was typed in. As long it’s not causing any problems I don’t see an immediate need to fix this, I’ll probably fix it when I do the next major update to the site.

The browser just does what you are telling it to do. It actually looks like garbled UTF-8 (UTF-8 as ISO) which was then “correctly” encoded as UTF-8 (the site itself specifies UTF-8). So, the correct character (no matter which encoding you pick) doesn’t exist anymore.

Basically it’s completely b0rked at this point.

[…] it probably got corrupted during database export/import.

Likely. E.g. I had some UTF-8 MySQL database, which I exported via phpmyadmin. However, the dump itself actually claimed it was some Swedish whatever encoding. Importing that database resulted in lots of garbled characters. Changing that encoding line to UTF-8 (and importing it anew) fixed it.

good to know that it is showing of java 4K.

I havent read article yet.

If you had I don’t think you’d call it an article. It’s basically just a link to the java4k site.