Java3D: 2 Appearances on a same Shape

I have a problem with a scene:
I’d like to stack 2 appearances (POLYGON_LINE AND POLYGON_FILL) on the same object.
How to do this action simply ?

I do not have the answer you seek, but I would highly recommend switching to either LWJGL or JOGL.

If one uses Java3D there is no need to jump down a level. I’d say you should either use JMonkeyEngine 3 or Ardor3D, since Java3D isn’t used (at all). :point:

Well, there are still some Java3D refugees that are stuck with older codebases. But for sure, I wouldn’t write any new code
using Java3d other than as some sort of archeology project.

PS. I just released the latest maintenance release of Java3d yesterday:



I use Java3D for the needs of my tools (and actually I don’t want to jump down a level).
and yes Harvey, you’re right, this is an archeological project older than you !!!

I’m always curious when I meet Java3d users, what are you using it for?

If you’re interested, the code is here:



Thanks for the links but my project is already running under Java3D…
I use it to design some mathematical data and incidentally I like the trees.

Any links to your project? The links I provided were for my forked version of Java3d I took over
a little over a year ago, if you ever need to use Java7 on newer macs, mine is the only version
of Java3d that will run.



@jimagine Harvey just gave you some pointers to get the very latest and actively maintained version of Java3D. If I were you, I would use it. If you get any trouble with an obsolete version, we won’t be able to provide a fix. Harvey does a great job by going on maintaining Java3D (which uses JOGL 2.0).

No link available for my project, not yet… But, I hope that one day my work will be over…
And sorry I didn’t understand about yours pointers. I will try your version,mine is definitely obsolete as said gouessej (I took that at Oracle…)

You can not have 2 appearances on the same Shape3D. You have to have two Shape3Ds. Each with their own appearance. But then there will be trouble with overlap and depth buffering. Not sure if there are a general solution.

You can find my tutorial to install this version here.