Java2D physics engine?

Are there any good and simple collision/physics engine available for pure Java2D? I’m not a big fan of big libraries and whatnot; are there any available engines that can be incorporated?

Does JBox2D count? I used it for one of my experiments a while back ( ) and I think it’s pretty great, although it’s the only physics engine I’ve used.

I love that you posted that video from the future! ;D

How did you incorporate it into your game without using another library like LibGDX?

I made a port of a simple C++ physics library:

Ha! Well spotted. However, I felt it was so advanced that it felt like it came from the future. :wink:

JBox2D just handles all the physics and their coords; there’s no direct link to any other libraries. So, for example, you set up all the physical objects and their properties, and then apply whatever forces (if needed), and it calculates the new positions of everything. You can then use the new co-ords of each object to draw the gfx using whatever library you want to use.