Java w/ OpenGL on iPhone and Android

Found this really cool project:

Contacted the author of it to help me get it set up. He’s a cool guy who lives in Beijing. It’s pretty darn easy to write opengl code similar to how you’d do it with LWJGL, but you can deploy it to your iphone/android device.

It has NanoVG so you can draw sharp text/images too!

I’m thinking about writing some wrapper classes so I dont have to migrate from using lwjgl’s package structure… Could be a pretty cool thing!


Sounds great. Always surprising how smart people like this fellow and Mario Zechner from libgdx find ways of running java on phones.
I assume that this custom VM must be a little slow for running CPU code, but quick for openGL rendering?

I’m still working on getting my lwjgui to run on it, so I haven’t had the time to do proper speed comparisons. But I at least get 60 fps on a sample project for what it’s worth, haha.

It also only consumes about 15-16% of my iphone CPU, so it’s not killer on the battery.


Got graphics to draw normally on my iphone w/ CSS! Pretty fun!
Next up is user input


Little update, you can touch the button now :slight_smile:


By the way, JOGL supports Android and iOS too, JOGL under iOS has been mostly tested on an iPad Pro but it works on an iPhone. I’ll look at miniJVM, thanks for the link.