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[edit posted 7/1/18]
I just discovered that a number of “JavaZoom” programs are available via github.

Maven artifacts for Java Sound Libraries


  • Tritonus
  • JLayer
  • MP3SPI
  • JOrbis
  • Vorbis SPI
  • Basic Player

If you wish to use mp3 or ogg/vorbis this should be a good source to check out.

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Ogg Vorbis resources:

About Ogg & Vorbis:

Java implementation, by JCraft:

Tutorial using same:

JAudioLibs -

Various audio libraries extracted from my Praxis software, and now in use in a number of other commercial and open-source projects. In particular, the AudioServer API provides a backend-neutral callback-based audio API - think of a PortAudio equivalent for Java that separates your code from the underlying audio system.

Current backends available are JACK and JavaSound (the JavaSound backend includes a variety of hacks to improve performance, while letting you work with the simpler callback based API). A PortAudio binding is in the planning stages, and various other things are under discussion.

NB. The AudioServer API is not a mixer, though you could easily build one on top of it.

There’s JSynth at

[quote]JSyn allows you to develop interactive computer music programs in Java. You can run them as stand-alone applications, or as Applets in a web page. JSyn can be used to generate sound effects, audio environments, or music. JSyn is based on the traditional model of unit generators which can be connected together to form complex sounds. For example, you could create a wind sound by connecting a white noise generator to a low pass filter that is modulated by a random contour generator.

Nice that this is now pure Java rather than requiring a native lib.

There is also, which is similar though GPL. Actually, JSyn is moving to GPL + commercial, so they won’t be that much different as I’m fairly sure Ollie (Beads) is open to commercial licensing.