Java on game consoles


I am doing research about distributing java games on consoles. Did anyone else touch this topic before? It would be big thing to make something like this but I don’t have any experience in consoles gamedev. I went through forums and found that it’s not that easy to get SDK (for Nintendo Switch for example) so it’s also an issue.

Approaches that I want to check:

  • Generate natives in JPackage/GraalVM and create bindings to console SDK
  • Generate natives in JPackage/GraalVM and plugin game business logic into something that already support consoles (Unity for example). In result- using JVM languages in Unity

Ofc cross-compile code to other frameworks (or port game and abandon jvm) is also a solution but what I want to achieve is to use language (Scala) and technology stack (Akka/LibGDX) that I like and know in gamedev without drawbacks or issues with crossplatform support. I think that we all wants this so I’d like to invite you to share your knowledge :slight_smile:


I haven’t done any research but would love to here how you finally solve it