Java Game Programming Tutorials

Interesting that someone decided to put such a list together

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There is a relative lack of up-to-date and relevant info on coding games using Java. Content just gets staler as time passes. But high schools and colleges in the USA are still running courses that teach Java, and some of the best paying coding jobs in industry are for Java expertise.

No surprise some folks might show up and try to fill the void, and would emphasize Android’s use of Java and on making a game as a way to learn Java. I suspect people will be doing more game programming as a secondary goal (to learn Android/app-making or learn Java) than as a primary goal, given the dominance of Unreal and Unity.

They’ve set things up for a couple different revenue streams. The ads seem to me to be placed in a way such that they aren’t especially invasive, and some of the lectures require subscription/payment. I’m not recommending we have ads or charge for content, am just observing the site.