Java Game Modder ongoing project needed

Looking for that right person to take the ideas I have and make them functional in game. If you like games are a java guru then I have a project for you on an ongoing basis for this game modding project. The game is Wurm Unlimited

Thanks and look forward to finding somebody or a few folks to work with on a regular basis. Monetizing the work is also in the plans.

So you have an idea for a mod and looking for someone who is willing to program that for you? Is that correct?

Yes there is several mods we need created for the game.
Any discussions and or questions can also be forwarded to me via email at

Thanks in advance to those who express interest.

make a game modifiable is hard.
first you need to do some working on your code that can read your files
second you need to programming a programmer code. yes, thats kind of programmingception of inception
third you need to figure out what will consumer do to your game? are there any kind of limitation about copyright or something like that, security on some computer
basically i want to say you need to think like consumer and u might be think out of the box.
and that’s why i say it hard :clue: ???

if you are a first-timer at making game i suggest you better change the game that does look a like arcade
if you aren’t stackoverflow and google search is your friend 8)