Java game consol idea

from many days an idea stuck in my mind that is it possible to make a java game consol having 240 320 lcd. and can play java games.
the embedded system require for this task is really cheap… and i am here to discus that more function can be add to this game consol.
it would be definitely a huge market specially as a toy product
the idea is
1.the game could be loded therw one or two sq inch cartiage having
some attrective griphic to attrect kids… the developers can feed their few games on it… which are not avalable online… this will creat a new market for java developers as they could sell there games in physical forms or rights to a compny who produce game cards. lot more to say but enough for now😊


You could use a single board computer to do this (Olimex, Raspberry Pi, etc) or a Pinephone with an improved case and a joypad. However, I fear that it wouldn’t have any success, buying an Android smartphone would be a far better option: much more choice, better quality price ratio. Good luck.