Java devs for a resurrected MMO

Around 2008 there was a MMO named Darkfall, at that time some 200K players have tried and played it. Its second version, Darkfall: Unholy Wars was shut down around 2012. The game itself is a legend, many later games were influenced by it. The game has unique action based competitive PvP combat.

The license to the discontinued original game was bought by a volunteer team to develop it further. Now many years later the game is being technically updated, and prepared to re-launch on Steam:

The team is looking for Java devs to develop various features on volunteer basis. This is an existing and working game, you would be implementing new features in addition to existing ones.

About the technology:
Primarily Java 1.8 64bit, with possibility of later upgrading to higher Java version
MySQL and MongoDB on the server side
Custom 3D game engine written in C++

The game logic is primarily in Java. Think about features like: new quest types, new NPC behaviors and features, new items, new game modes, combat rules, GUI features, enhancement to the games world editor, and generally bug fixes.

If you have Java experience, and would like to learn an old but robust Java MMO server and client architecture, you are welcome to apply to the development team.

Come help develop the game for the Steam re-launch.

Please contact the dev team trough discord:

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