Java .Blend Library for Blender 2.82 (sub 7)

Saturday I’ve generated a new Java API Library for Blender release 2.82.7 (official 2.82 release)
and did a short review of the changes.


Relevant changes to the file format are:

  • Smoke related structs have been refactored:
    Structs with prefix “Smoke” have been replaced by a set of structs
    with prefix Fluid. It’s not just renaming, there is more to it.
  • Bevel Modifier now supports curves: BevelModifierData has been extended by
    an attribute custom_profile wich supports definng a curve to be applied.
  • Image Tiles have been reworked: I guess this is related to animated
    images based on tiles. Struct Image has got a list of tiles and an
    attribute “active_tile_index”.
  • Attribute “mistend” has been removed from “World”.

There are other changes, but they are related to Blender UI and data used
at runtime of Blender, such as ARegion got an offset, cloth simulation got extended
by “internal” attributes to store simulation state at runtime and Brush got
a few more options and other changes.