Java .Blend for Blender 2.80.75

Updated Java .Blend to reflect changes in Blender releases from 2.80.0 up to 2.80.75.

There have been a lot of changes and I had to do some work to adapt the example application Java .Blend Viewer.

Most of the changes are related to the newly introduced render engine Eevee.

  • Apparently, materials with textures now require the use of nodes.
  • Also, scenes are now subdivided in trees of collections. Thus, finding objects of a blender scene now requires the traversal of those collections. These basically resemble the tree you can see in Blender’s GUI on the top right hand side.
  • Furthermore, the source code documentation in Blender’s sources has been significantly improved and supports doxygen for the most part. That made it easier for me to generate the documentation for Java.Blend too.

I think these are the most obvious changes In regards to the file format.

Please keep up the good work… and use a version-control system (Git, Mercurial, …) as it would help to follow the changes in your library.

I really appreciate your continued support, gouessej! :slight_smile:

I changed my mind about github etc… It simply doesn’t feed the purposes of making Blender more accessible to developers, if I refuse to make my library more accessible in this regard. I already planned to move to git as my standard VCS. I feared to do so in the past, because the Eclipse plugin is just horrible, in my opinion. But the SVN plugin just recently disconnected all projects in a workspace from their repositories … that isn’t ideal either!

I’ll post an update when I’m done.




not a clean solution, but it works for now.

Thank you. I removed all my projects from Github because it belongs to Microsoft and it’s a proprietary platform :wink: It’s better than a ZIP archive anyway.

Do you plan to use a build tool or a build system? Gradle? Ant? Maven?

Didn’t know about the M$-deal tbh, but I called it very early…
But, I configured github as mirror (remote) only. My main repository is still on
our own server.

And no, I’m not planning to add support for specific build systems. Minor
updates to the library have been close to zero and major updates are not compatible
with previous versions. So, I don’t see the purpose of a build system integration.
Just throw the jar in your project and leave it there.