Java .Blend API Library for Blender 2.90

This is about a new version of Java.Blend, a library to access all the data in Blender’s .blend files from Java, entirely written in Java, with source code documentation extracted from Blender’s source code - just great!

And here we go again. This time a new data structure entered the club of the Blender DNA, it’s called Simulation! Welcome Simulation! Simulation looks more like a data structure to keep runtime information about simulated stuff in blender - so not much of use outside of Blender. Other than that, not much interesting happened, from my point of view.

Anyway, enjoy!

(P.S.: Where did the fucking preview button go?)


The preview is displayed automatically on the right side of this area as you type.

Thanks for the post and for announcing this library. I look forward to seeing some examples of it in use!