Java .Blend API for Blender 2.93

Blender 2.93 LTS (long-term support) just released a week ago and so I did update Java .Blend accordingly: The pure Java API to Blender’s native file format, which covers the full Blender DNA (data model) and supports reading and writing of .blend files.

As usual, I had a quick look at the changes in file format (compared to 2.92) focused on 3D graphics engine related stuff.

Most of the work definitely went into extensions to and refactoring of ‘nodes’ - the data model and UI-elements used to model for example complex shaders. Besides that are just minor improvements here and there and continued improvements to source code documentation :+1:t2::+1:t2:.

The 2.93 release notes contain a nice clip which briefly goes over the new features. More details can be found there below.

As you might notice, the release notes are titled with “End of an Era” which refers to the new versioning scheme as detailed here. Consequently, the next release will be a 3.0 - nothing out of the ordinary, just a different versioning.