Java 4K

Hello everyone,

I am looking to see of appel has a copy of all the games from the Java4k website.

I saw here that he has backups, but I really just want to try the games out specifically Sonic Racing 4k (by notch). I can find a lot of them, but I was looking for a full set.

I tried a direct message, but it seems to be broken functionality (images are not loading to validate it)



I don’t have Sonic Racing 4k but I’ve a modified version of GTA4K (not as an applet, original version created by Simon). Let me know whether you’re interested. Keep in mind that some games are copyrighted, some programmers didn’t want to publish the source code of their games unlike me.

Right, well I am not looking for the code!! Simply the playable versions of the games that were once free to get on the javaultimate and java4k websites.

I will gladly take a copy of whatever you have :slight_smile:

You’ll need the source code to make them work on the long term. Send me an email, I’ll send you the source code in return.

I am ok with just the jar’s because I am using old portable versions of java to run these already.

I can’t PM as my original message states, but if you use my name with gmail, I am sure you will get results :slight_smile:

Any JAR’s/Sources of games you have, I will take what you have :slight_smile:

I am getting into java games again and I found these interesting.


I understand your position but it won’t work on the very long term and nobody will be able to help you with an obsolete and unmaintained version of Java. When you have the source code, you can modify each game so that it runs without applet support which is a lot more future-proof.

I’m going to do it now.

Thanks for the file!!

Yeah I understand, I will always take the source if you give it :slight_smile: but at the very least I want the jar/class’s

I am actually working on a custom chrome browser to run NPAPI plugins offline where I can pick any version of java I want without installing it first. There may come a time when it doesn’t work, but I suspect it would be due to a new windows version being incompatible with it somehow (like not allowing 32bit apps anymore).

The ultimate goal is for me or anyone else to be able to play these games without any setup if I can manage. If that means having the source, or having the Jar/Class, I will take it ;D

If anyone else has any games that may be hard to find, let me know!

I fixed a bug in “Breaking the tower”, it’s the best example that comes to my mind:

That’s a typical example showing how the source code is useful.

BTW, does anyone have the source code meg4kman (also by notch). It would be cool to bring the competition back. I think it would be appealing even for non java coders, because a challenge is always a challenge.

This person ported meg4kman to Wii:

Why not contacting her/him?

Thanks for info!

Totally gonna do what you suggested!


Thanks for the file!!