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Mods - Maybe this could be a sticky?

Can you all post the links to your J2ME games and utils? It would be easier to have one thread with links than many threads.

Dr. A>

Sure - please describe any links posted thoroughly


Custom tasks for Ant, for J2ME development. Absolutly essential to MIDP developers. Helps you pre-verify, pre-process, compile, package etc.

Mobile Game Developer:



Full featured IDE with cool J2ME support.

www.tilemap.co.uk definitely deserves some attention.


Another J2ME forum http://www.j2me.org
My blog http://synaptic-technologies.blogspot.com
Proguard obfuscator http://proguard.sf.net
Nokia developers forum http://forum.nokia.com
Sony Ericsson Developers Forum http://developer.sonyericsson.com
JBenchmark - useful device specs and benchmarks http://www.jbenchmark.com
Ben Hui’s Forum and Bluetooth / M3G site http://www.benhui.net
Jason Lam’s site (nice midp2 game developer pdf book) http://www.jasonlam604.com



Awesome J2ME design patterns site


Though the original thread mentions both links to games and utils, I personally think that links to games should not be posted - or at least the code should be available. Otherwise we’d be flooded with irrelevant stuff ?


Sounds reasonable, if you want to show your games, we have a Your Games Here forum.


My Killer Game Programming in Java site has several chapters on how to write M3G (mobile 3D) games.


  • Andrew

Is there any site about the phone market? One that show statistics, like “Nokia series 40 has 20% of the market” or “55% of the used phones was MIDP 1 profile”. I’d like something about Brazil, however a international one should be good too.

benhui.net - good forum
www.jbenchmark.com/ - the best benchmarck for mobile devices for example 2d, 3d-m3g devices and the latest high definition for phones using accelerated graphics

and of course sites from manufactures, you must register for them
developer.sonyericsson.com - the best source of information about m3g, mascot capsule bloutooth api and other for sony eri phones, lots of developers on forum, they always help you

forum.nokia.com - good source of the latest apis tech and sdk especially if you want to develop something in symbian

Mobile game development www.smackall.com
J2me forum www.smackall.com/mobile-game-developer/index.php
Mobile game developer news www.smackall.com/news.php?page=0

You can also get the latest Mobile game developer news RSS from www.smackall.com/news/latest.php

These threads are much more useful when the links are maintained and organized in the first post like the Infallible Isaac Mendez thread as opposed to the Soundclick:Got Samples thread (with pages upon pages of broken or useless links). So whatever you do please try to maintain!

i collect free j2me games (including mine) here http://only-video-games.blogspot.com/search/label/J2me%20Games