IsOlation Net

I wanted to write a 4k multiplayer game. However, the rules are apparantly that both client and server fit within the 4k, so this is what I ended up with.

IsOlation Net - a multiplayer realtime strategy game.


How to Play:

Enter a nickname and connect to the server (theres one on bob at the moment). Maximum 8 players in a game and hence on a server.

The game will only start once there are at least two players connect.

Once you connect you will be assigned a color. The aim of the game is to gather as much of the board for your color as possible. Each game lasts 5 minutes (shown on the right). You can make a move every half a second (shown on the left as a block).

Moving: You can move in any of the 8 directions from your counters current position any distance (much like a queen on a chess board) by clicking on the square you wish your counter to move to. When you move you will leave a coloured mark on the square you occupied. You cannot move “through” any colored squares. The idea being that you obtain as much of the board as possible while preventing other players from moving.

Thats it :slight_smile:

The problem with this is there is no game without multiple people logging on. If you want a game it might be smarter to start your own server and invite a few friends.

To run the server pass the program any argument. i.e.

java -cp onet.jar N runtheserver

The server current runs on port 44444.

I’ll be around for a short while on the newdawn server if anyone has the time for a game.


PS. I’ve no idea how the rules will play, I just sort of made them up as I was going along.

Im currently waiting for another person to join… anyone?

I have never been working with socket servers in java so I would like to see the source if thats ok?

you really really don’t want to use 4k code as anything on how NOT to program! Just check the Java tutorial, it has heaps of info on sockets

hehe oke, you might be right :slight_smile:

If I’ve learnt anything writing this one, its that a network game needs an AI player.


Just played some with kev - very simple, but still so much fun :slight_smile:

And 4k :open_mouth:

Thanks for the game, twas fun! :slight_smile:

Here’s a screenshot so other folk can see, Per was Green, I was red.


[quote]kevglass wins!
Man… do you have to throw it in my face? :wink:

Soo, you want a rematch or what?