Is Socket IO slower than Netty? (MMO)

I’m writing a game that will support multiplayer using LibGDX. HTML is a priority, so I’m forced into using WebSockets ( library).

My question is, will using be a performance problem compared to a framework like Netty?

Socket I/O will be the least of your concerns when building a MMO. By the time you have thousands of concurrent tcp-connections, it may play a role.

What are some of the bigger problems that will be faced? :confused:

I ended up going with a websocket library, as Socket IO didn’t support GWT.

[quote]What are some of the bigger problems that will be faced? :confused:
Well :slight_smile: Getting to the point where you have a published game, with a thousand concurrent players.

You don’t have to use WebSockets, you can use “Transfer-Encoding: chunked” instead.

It’s better because it’s readable (debuggable) and does not use CPU for parsing WebSocket protocol stuff.

Sockets are definitely the way to go if you want low latency and throughput. WebSockets are just Sockets with a HTTP Handshake.

That’s not to say that you have to use Sockets. Plenty of things you can achieve with other methods like long-polling etc.

Long-polling is not usable for games, because each message from the server kicks in a new request from the client. It just wont scale. But HTTP streaming does scale:

The only thing WebSockets are good at is bandwidth, which is not a problem if you use a event based protocol instead of tick based.