Is jME still maintained ?

I decided to get a look at jME because I read that the community is big, responsive and supportive. I have just one concern : the last jME release seem to be the 0.10 which is more than 7 months old.

Does it mean that this great engine is slowly abandoned or should I not rely on release regularity, the night build being actively updated ?

I am not a jME user, but I heard that Mojomonkey (founder) recently landed a new job in the gaming industry. this perhaps would explain the break in updates?

The trunk is regularly updated, even if no official releases are packaged up. Check out and build the source for the latest and the greatest. Also, the forums at are quite active with JME users.

As to Mark’s job, he and Joshua Slack (renanse) both were hired by NCSoft. Their jobs involve improving and enhancing JME for use with an as yet unannounced game project. Many of the improvements they make get put into the JME trunk. So no, JME development is not dead, halted, or otherwise impaired. Quite the opposite.

Sorry I’m a bit late but consider to take a look at Xith3D, too. Progress went increasingly fast these last 10 months. Not saying jME is not as good or whatever but some people actually found Xith3D better for what they wanted (talked about the “cleanness” of the API…).
And I have mixed feelings about Mark’s and Joshua’s work at NCSoft, I find cool that they’ve been employed (“success of the open-source model”) but on the other hand, and as they said themselves they “keep the best things [in jME] for themselves [understand:NCSoft]” so…

Actually, any changes we make at NCsoft to the actual classes of jME and pretty much every embellishment, feature add, etc. we make to the packages of jME gets contributed back to CVS. What doesn’t go back to the community are tool sets, game code and things that are specific to our work and way of doing things. Check out the check ins done today for example (several dozen major class commits from us) and you’ll see for yourself that jMonkeyEngine continues to be very actively improved and gains a lot by being included in multiple commercial projects.

While I appreciate the desire for touting your own engine, please at least be a bit more responsible with the (mis)quoting of others.

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That’s funny…we hear quite the opposite from the Xith defectors we’re constantly getting. :o

…that includes me. :slight_smile:

be nice sunsett, amos is a “code cleaner,” and he provides cleanliness to the APIs which have been more or less abandoned by their original community.

You’re right…I just saw his propaganda speak getting thrown in and was afraid some unknowing noob would pass by and see his statement and think Xith was better than jME…

BTW “Amos”, I thought you were going to give jME a real shot…whatever happened to that? We’ve proven we have more features, a faster scene-graph, and better community support…that’s what you wanted wasn’t it? You just disappeared after that debate…

Dont’ want to open that chapter again. “Choose an API and stick with it” convinced me (it was kevin glass who said that, IIRC). We have a very active community for Xith3D and I’m happy with that.
Go your way, man. I don’t have nothing to do with jME if it’s already perfect.

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You don’t? So what do you have to do with jME?

…double negatives will get you every time. :wink: