Is JavaFX dead as well?

JOGL is reborn in a community support fashion. JavaFX was going to based on JOGL right? So, is JavaFX getting binned (in the context of Sun corporate ownership) as well?


I been following closely to the progress of JavaFX. To my knowledge it doesn’t look like its going to get binned.
They have been working on it every day from what I see.

I’ve been following JavaFX blog and news on and since several months and there’s no single news about the future release, what will it improve or will add. There’s no announced road map anywhere. If you google JavaFX you mostly find only old news about it and basically no recent blog or post about it or javafx app. That doesn’t look too promising to me.

Are you sure? It looks like it started to peter out a year ago:
or went underground (not open)

The last significant commits were 10 months ago:

And I don’t know where or how to run javafx on mobile phones.
Edit: Oh I see now it was only available in the windows sdk:

It is dead for me (from day one) enhance the base language/libraries or nothing.

The concept of a sublanguage just for UI’s is abhorrent to me.

Huge waste of resources that could have been better put into App swing framework or Time framework or swing 2.0 or something actually useful.


I would prefer that Sun do less or smaller projects but does those well from start to end including the JRE & Java plugin

I’m following the updates here:

They do tick a few off every day. It’s showing 46% completed atm on JavaFX 1.3.

This site gets updated and talks about the development of JavaFX:

Hope that helps. But I agree that that its still quite quiet to the public so who knows…

While I see Silverlight 4 beta is now out and seems its quite ahead.

Wish they’d just concentrate on getting publicly available high performance VMs ported to PS3, 360, Wii, and iPhone. Just the vms you understand, not AWT or OpenGL.

Cas :slight_smile:

I’d argue a hilariously slow interpreter with JNI support would be acceptable as well… 99% of the work is performed by the native code anyway.

Well, it might be for you, but I’m gobbling CPU like nobody’s business at the moment, what with controlling the AI of a hundred little aliens, checking the collisions between 200 objects, and sorting & batching 2000 sprites, every frame :slight_smile: I don’t think I could take any serious performance hit from a crappy interpreter. A plain and simple peephole optimising JIT would probably be quick enough though.

Cas :slight_smile:

Not these days. For a half-way interesting game you typically need good AI, tons of entities or elaborate physics.

Besides, vanilla interpreters already exist for some of those platforms. Unsurprisingly they don’t get used because they’re too slow (and just perpetuate the ‘java==slow’ in the minds of everyone who comes across them).

JavaFX is alive and well. One of the new pipelines of the new graphics stack is based on JOGL (another one is d3d), but this new development with jogl doesn’t affect us that much.


Haha have a look at what’s going on in some underground cellar:

Cas :slight_smile:

oh nice, finally something interesting to read and look at for javafx, they’ve been awfully quiet lately.

There’s a little info on JavaFX 1.3:øredev.html

Are there any details available on Prism, the new JavaFX rendering backend? From the little info I could find, besides providing support for 3D graphics (shaders only or custom OpenGL code too?), it’s a complete replacement for Java2D. I’m going to assume that Java2D is just not good enough for what JavaFX is trying to achieve, performance-wise (duh…), but I was wondering if it’s going to be exposed as a library outside JavaFX. If it’s not, then why not if it’s so much better/faster than Java2D (from what I’ve read, it’s MUCH faster)? If it is, how is Sun going to handle the existence of 2 separate 2D graphics libraries? Will it be possible to draw Prism stuff inside Swing apps?

From what I hear its a back end which the programmer have no control over. It tries to use OpenGL otherwise it fullbacks to Java2D.

oh wow, Javafx 1.3 looks pretty interesting, at least from the small amounts of technical information thats available on it. Could it be that Sun’s actually got it right this time? light and fast 2d graphics suitable for games?

If they’ve sorted out the end users experience then JavaFX could actually be something to look forward too.

I’m gonna keep my expectations down though, don’t wanna be disappointed again.

Yeah, seems amazing but 2 crucial points for me are:

  1. fast start-up time, at least as good as flash. This dramatically affects user’s perception about the technology, which as a consequence affects reputation.
  2. complete set of enterprise controls. Still no table control coming in JFX 1.3???!!! Come on Sun, please give a bit less priority on 3D and more on the enterprise side.

The stuff on my blog is not Prism or JavaFX 1.3, its D5 and indeed D5 lets you do your own sharders (glsl, cgfx) and meshes along with a host of other expected (physics, model loading, advanced animation, low-latency audio ect). Along with 2D integration within a 3D space, full multi-coordinate 2D layout (2D draw, text, video etc).

But again this is ‘not’ to be confused with any efforts like Prism. I do recall Chris Oliver (inventor of JavaFX) showed some of the starting points to D5 on his blog: back in July. Its come a log way, he’s one amazing engineer.

@Spasi; In D5 you can make lens shaders (not just surface shaders) wink (whats Swing?)