iOS Multiplayer App - Developer / Artist Wanted


My plan is to release an iOS game to market in a year, and form a team with you guys!

Before I go into more detail, my name is Jacob and I’m 17 years old. I’ve been programming since I was 12 and have been using LibGDX for the past 3 years. I’m extremely familiar in LibGDX and have created many multiplayer-projects.

I’m looking for anyone who believes they can contribute to an iOS game (through art, management, etc). I’m not a game designer or an artist, but am fully prepared to write the code and create a game, start to finish.

If anyone is interested in creating or contributing to a game, even if you don’t know how you can contribute, please comment or DM me your Skype.

  • Jacob

Mind posting links to these projects?

Cool. How much are you planning on paying the people who have the skills you’re seeking?


I’m more interested in creating a team than hiring someone. I believe it’s a good opportunity for anyone who wants to create a game / app like this.

Mind posting links to these projects? :point:

Add me on skype and I can show you.

Word to the wise: people aren’t going to want to jump through hoops just to see your stuff.

I second that. Trying to form a team of volunteers is a tough proposition in any circumstances; you have to start with generating enthusiasm for the project. Unless you are secretly Linus Torvalds, in which case just dropping your own name will generate enthusiasm.