InWar: Kingdom Rebirth

Hey guys,

I wanted to share with you the project we are currently working on. This is hobby project, meaning that most of the work is done during nights/weekends. It is our first project.

Technologies: LibGDX
Download link:

Basically, the game is 2D, with platform view, tower of defense (dunno if we can call it like that, hope so :P). The main idea, is that the waves of enemies might be coming from both sides of the screen, but player can only see one of the sides. The player controls the horseman, who moves across the map and can mobilize units to take them to the place which they should defend. At the moment, the most basic set of features have been implemented to make the game playable, there are still many tweaks and effects are to be implemented.


  • Knight is moved with left/right arrows
  • Units can be recruited from the recruitment bar below
  • Units can be mobilized by the knight by clicking on the left button, above knight’s silhouette
  • Units can be sent to tower by selecting the unit and clicking the button above its silhouette

The feedback we are looking for currently (opinions on any of the points is more then welcome!):

  • Controls. They seem a bit retarded to me, maybe you have some suggestions to make it better? Maybe I should highlight the units which can be mobilized when the knight is selected and is passing nearby? I plan to make it a mobile game, that is why I do not do fully hotkey-based controls.
  • The view. Should I stick to pure 2D platform style view? Or maybe make it slightly isometric with an area of 50-150px, so the units do not stack that much on top of each other and it is easier to identify the quantity of enemies?
  • The idea itself. It is not new idea, for example Kingdom: New Lands has similar view and some concepts, but we believe that our game will be more dynamic, more battle based, rather then focusing on the economy.


  • The knight is not attackable because we do not have sprites for that
  • The tower when the enemy is close “shuts” the gate, so enemy cannot pass, but also ally troops cannot pass.
  • Troops have some automatic behaviors which we still have not fully tuned

Feel free to add any criticism and feedback (if you spot a bug feel free to blame us :D)!