Hi All,

I am new to Xith3D, but not to computer science …
I would like to explain you a litle pb : installing Xith3D is not an easy task, you know ? no up-to-date install HOWTO, no packaged installer … even the inscription to this forum is not easy, if you use Mozilla as I do (this site’s catcha doesn’t work on Mozilla …).

Is anybody has a idea where to find resources to help me ? Because after having installed Java3D 1.5.0 and all the Xith stuff, I have this error:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: javax.vecmath.Matrix4f.setTranslation(Ljavax/vecmath/Tuple3f;)V
	at org.xith3d.scenegraph.Transform3D.lookAt(
	at org.xith3d.scenegraph.View.lookAt(
	at org.xith3d.scenegraph.View.<init>(
	at org.xith3d.render.base.Xith3DEnvironment.<init>(
	at org.xith3d.render.base.Xith3DEnvironment.<init>(
	at org.xith3d.render.base.Xith3DEnvironment.<init>(
	at app.App.<init>(
	at app.App.main(

when I try to execute this (simple…) code:

package app;

import org.xith3d.render.base.Xith3DEnvironment;
import org.xith3d.render.canvas.Canvas3DWrapper;
import org.xith3d.render.canvas.Canvas3DWrapper.Resolution;
import org.xith3d.render.loop.RenderLoop;

public class App
  public App()
    Xith3DEnvironment env = new Xith3DEnvironment();

    Canvas3DWrapper canvas = Canvas3DWrapper.createStandalone( Resolution.RES_800X600,
      "My empty scene" );
    env.addCanvas( canvas );

    RenderLoop rl = new RenderLoop();
    rl.setMaxFPS( 128L );
    rl.addRenderEngine( env );

    // never forget to start the RenderLoop!

  public static void main( String[] args )
    new App();

Is anybody can help ?
Thank’s a lot


Hi, Pat.

This problem was a hard one to fix for us. But it is fixed now. though not in any released version. Please checkout the current SVN trunk. The version you’re using is anyway not a very recent one. And you would do better by using a recent version, since our doc is based on it.

Please register to our board on We’re discussing all the stuff there. And have a look at this thead to get information on how to checkout the projects from SVN.


PS: I’m using Firefox and this site as well as is working perfectly with it.

Hi Marvin,

Sorry for having you worked hard on my problem. I will check out from SVN and try again.



PS: for Mozilla, it’s only the captcha which doesn’t work here. Perhaps my fault, I don’t know. However, forget !

Hi Pat,

Welcome to Xith3D World,

Actually you’re not the owner of this problem ;D it reveals in fact a design problem in Java3D… (they shouldn’t copy vecmath.jar in the JRE library directory

And about a new install doc, I think there’s one floating around on forum, I’ll try to publicize it.