Inofficial Feedback II: My thoughts

Hey, everyone. I’ve decided to follow UlfJack’s example, and put it all on a website. My thoughts have now all been written down, and can be found on this page:

Java 4K 2007 unofficial feedback

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

EDIT: I am working on turning all the names into the proper webstart links. When I’m done, please report any dead links you might find.

Thanks for the great work :slight_smile: Clearly I should heed my own advice and focus more on gameplay and less on graphics :wink:

Nice work.

Squarius probably needs a better grade since you state “Arbitrarily, I’d say this should have 11 or so, perhaps 12.”, but you give it 9. IMO it’s probably among the best 3 games.

appel, I agree, but I cannot give arbitrary scores since it’s not my scoring system and I’ve tried to be consistent with UlfJack’s methods :slight_smile:
I’m not sure it belongs in the top 3, but probably the top 10.

Regarding my entry, …cough…cough… Jumping Jack:
It does not work properly :slight_smile: :smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley:

But thanks for the (partial) scores. :wink:

I’ll rewrite the whole thing at some later stage.

Thanks for the feedback. I’m sure everyone appreciates it.

I’m know I do :slight_smile: You seemed to like my game a lot (Pipe Extreme). Perhaps this is one I should make a full game of at some later date. :wink:

Thanks for all the work, Tim.

It was one of my absolute favorites, yes. I absolutely love it. You should do a full version :smiley:
It reminds me of F-Zero X and Extreme G, with that pipe. Those were both games I loved, too.

Awesome work, thanks for the feedback. It is greatly appreciated. And I have no problem with the scores I received for Sub4K and Metro4K.

Thanks a lot moore.

The comments are greatly appreciated. I agree with almost everything you stated. Only in both Tank War and Mega, you ask for brakes. They are definitely not intended to have brakes. Pac-man doesn’t have breaks either :slight_smile: (Not that I am comparing 4K games to Pac-man, just a design decision). In Tank War, it probably would not have made a huge difference, but in Mega it definitely would have.

I cannot disagree with your scoring, however, so thanks again.

Heh. I can’t even keep track of all the times people have called me moore instead of morre, but no worries :wink:

The brakes, well… I know they aren’t intended to be there, I’m just saying I want them anyway :slight_smile:

I hope I wasn’t too harsh or too generous (in general), tried to keep it as fair as I could.

EDIT: To begin with, I wasn’t even sure of whether I wanted to post the scores or not, but I felt the comments were a little too uninformative when it came to how much I liked the games, so I included the scores (they were for internal use only at first).

Hi Morre, thanks a lot for the feed back, I think that everyone really appreciate it. I’m learning a lot with yours remarks ;D

Thanks for the judging!

It really helps to recieve feed back on our entires!

I think i will make spread sheet which will collate the results of these inoffical responses to see who the inoffical winners are :slight_smile:

That’d be nice, just make sure to point out it’s not official. Also note that I managed to mess up the order, so “gameplay” isn’t the last one for me (you’d have to consider that so my gameplay score don’t go into their technical and vice versa).