Infiltration - ancient evil simulator

Infiltration is a prototype I’m working on for some months, more info on bay12 forum thread

[i]You are not dead, you are not living… yet.

Aeons ago, in a time before mith, your enemies sigil you in a realm far from reality. Weakened and far from your power, your will simply… disappear.
One echo, from time to time, hit your dreams. Something called humanity is playing with arcane power and forgotten knowledge, part of you.
You simply awaken and take a look into the world. These “humans” will serve you as puppets in your quest to become powerful, again. [/i]



  • living cities simulation: characters fight each other, solve quests, get money, followers and influence and struggle to get access to cities districts
  • cities events (famine, wars,etc…)
  • guild wars!
  • characters manipulation: force them to follow your orders or fight each other
  • uncover forgotten knowledge to be free and consume the world!
  • be aware, characters can follow clues your manipulation will let behind and world can be aware of you rising!

Download now from

Any feedback as usual is appreciated!

Welcome on a new update for Infiltration, an asymmetric evil god simulator (prototype so far!).

In this release I have solved some problems reported on running the game, more specifically on windows. This time there is an executable (.exe file) for windows and a .jar file for linux or mac. I have also included all resources inside the archive, so any problem related to not able to load external resources will be solved!
I have to say thanks to Rowan for his support on enhance game’s text fixing typos and more in general grammar. I’m sure with his evocative words now game could be even more interesting and fun! Thanks!

In version 0.0.5:

  • fix bugs on user interface
  • enhanced and corrected text from Rowan
  • new build system, with all resources included and two separate build, one for windows (.exe file) and one for linux/mac (.jarfile)

hope you find it interesting, let me know!

I’ve noticed that the game seems to pause whenever an event happens. This gets quite annoying when you have a city in rebellion, which causes that city to have an event every turn.

This game seems like it could be quite fun when it is finished. It has an interesting concept and a unique gameplay style.

thanks for report! I will consider to let game flow even after an event

Thanks! It’s very important for me to get feedback !

​Welcome back for a new release of Infiltration an ancient evil prototype!

In this version I’ve worked on many feedback I’ve been received on version 0.0.4 and 0.0.5 and improved user interface.
In particular now it’s more clear what user can click, because every clickable element in the game has an “on over” image,
so just move the mouse and click… you will see the effect! I’ve improved a little bit the general feeling of the game with new icons from Skyrim map set and a little new icon
near every city, so you get quickly the idea where you have already corrupted agents and where not.
There is also for every NPC a little quest log, so you can follow every win and losses for every actor in the game,
without lose everything in the “main log” on bottom part of the interface.
Now it’s also more clear what an NPC is doing because in actors list there is a quick view on current action and a counter:
this counter is the time that action require in order to be completed. This will include both player actions (focus, calling) and
NPC actions (investigate for example).

The game has now a radical change that will alter how do you play this prototype and, even if I like ui changes and feedback on this side,
I’d like to know if this change it’s okay for you or not. I’m talking about the link between a district in a city
and a secret.
As you know, in this game you are an ancient evil trapped in a prison and you have to find hidden knowledge of the world
in order to become powerful again. To do so, you will focus your power on mortals, establishing a link to their mortal minds,
then send them in active search of hidden knowledge, using calling action.
This action is really powerful, but after is completed, you will gather information on where the secret is located.
If you are lucky, could be the same district that belong to your puppet, but if you are not lucky… you have to decide.
It’s better to send my puppet against the mortal that own the district, or focus and then calling again the mortal?

I believe that this little change is a radical change in how player will play the game and a fundamental stone on how player can manipulate mortals in following his plan.

Let me know what do you think!

So here we are for Infiltration 0.0.7, you can download it here!

For the video about 0.0.7 see here

In this release 0.0.7 for my prototype, Infiltration, I’ve worked to add a new fundamental system, tagging, that interact with various elements in the game. This tagging system refers to a simple concept: actors in the game (npc, not playable characters) can have tags, like for example “strong” or “ignorant” and these tags will affect how npc can interact with game world through quests and player actions, challenges.
Tags can be good, with an active bonus (+20% on physical challenges) for npc or really bad, with a malus (-50% on mental challenges) and are added randomly from a customizable pool of tags on actor creation and after a particular quests are solved or failed.

In this version you will find following tags:

  • generous, +20% social challenges
  • greedy -20% social challenges
  • ignorant -20% mental challenges
  • intelligent +20% mental challenges
  • strong +20% physical challenges
  • weak -20% physical challenges
  • scarred -30% social challenges
  • anathema -30% social challenges
  • falseGod -30% mental challenges
  • renowned +10% social challenges
  • integrity +50% resist focus player action
  • willpower +50% resist calling player action
  • determination +50% resist manipulation player action

As you can see from the list there are two big types of tags: one related to challenges (related to quests and actor interaction with game world) and player action resist bonuses.

Thanks to awesome platelayers I’ve found a nice way to filter living cities simulation behind the scenes in the quest log and with a filter by city on the left of quest log, now the player can be informed on a very specific city and not all together!

Like always any feedback is welcome!

There is a way to exit from a game and go back to menu from ingame?

what do you mean go back to menu from ingame? There is no menu for now

Infiltration 0.0.8 “roads and trips”

Download it from here

Welcome back on this Ancient evil prototype, Infiltration!

First let me thank players that provide me with feedback! Thanks! I really appreciate any feedback, report and ideas, so feel free to share your ideas!
This version is another step on the conclusion of this prototype, because I have a clear set of features I want to provide to players: in this case, roads and trips.

This is something bobby2hands with Shadowss Behind the throne ( has addressed for sure better than me: let npc move around and do actions.
In this release I have created the foundation of this concept, where an npc can move betwen cities following connections, so for example the kingdom capital, Theros is connected with any other cities of the kingdom. I know that from graphical point of view this is more than rudimental, but again is a prototype: I need to test mechanics and features together, so here we are. An npc can move between cities if has at least 2 money on his pocket and no control on a district or corrupted by a player. At start this is something caotic, but with some interventation from player this will become more stable… and exploitable maybe?

I have fixed many bugs, but one in particular was very strange: a corrupted npc can investigate against player. I mean, a fully controlled one… not so fun, right? At least for me, feel free to share your ideas on the topic!

I have decided also to use some awesome icons from Lorc free set here,

Infiltration 0.0.9 “Go down that road” is out !

Download it from here

Welcome back on this Ancient evil prototype, Infiltration!

“Go down that road” open up new possibilities for player to command corrupted humans, so for example now you can command them to go a city or some other points on the map. If you take a look to the prototype, will notice that I’ve implemented unlockable pois, because not all hidden knowledge you need to find will be in cities, but scattered around the world, in particular in a cave, where in next updates I will put some monsters to fight!

As always any feedback is appreciated!

Welcome back with Infiltration!

Download from here

This release is marked 1.0.0 because is my launch as “final prototype” of my game vision. You can find it incomplete, you can find it horrible, but I have made this prototype on my free time with a single goal: learn.

I have learned a lot and I will share some toughts on my path on some next dev logp, for now, let’s focus on this release!


  • fixed some bugs on hidden pois
  • added fight in hidden poi between player’s agent and an horror to unconver secret knowledge
  • disabled log for all pois, now player must select to see something changing

As always I’m open for comments, ideas. Even if this is a prototype any thoughts is appreciated, see you soon!