Inf4ktion !

So here’s my first entry ever to a 4k competition!

Defend your body against the evil infections using your white cells. Upgrade your immune system to figth better the bacterias!


Click and hold left mouse button before the dashed line to release your white cells and fight the bacterias.
If you let a bacteria reach the left side, your will lose life. If it drops to zero you die.

Click here to play

I must say I’m quite satisfied with the result, since I always thought it would be just too difficult to do a decent game like you guys always do. And it is really satisfying to FINISH a game in a couple of days!

I still have a few bytes left for suggestions or bugfixes, so feel free to comment :slight_smile:

Really fun! I will steal this! ;D

No bug, but the level was escalating too quickly.

Nice polished game!

I thought it was barely any challenge. I got all the way to level ~25, before the game bugged out. Instead of creating new white cells, it froze the game when I pressed the mouse, so I lost that level.

Oh yeah I forgot to tell you that I only reached level 5 :slight_smile:

I find out that brown cells are very though. Plus I can’t spam (click hold).

Love it

Great time waster.
I really like the game and the upgrade system motivates.

All in all great game. =)

Thank you all for testing and for the comments!

Sorry about that. It happened when you got the last Size upgrade, I forgot to define the last position on this array :frowning: Fixed now.

Holy crap, last time I played it “seriously” I got to level 14. I’ll try using different strategies to see if get so far, and then I might use the extra bytes to balance things up.

EDIT: I just found one upgrade that was really unbalanced, now it should not get so easy so soon!

PS: reposted applet here instead of the external link because I don’t have access to my server at work :persecutioncomplex:

Nicely done, a very original and advanced shooter, with all these upgrades.

I regret there is no indication of the current level - the player has to count them and remember the current one.

I was confused during my first game session, as I seemed unable to do anything. I recommand you to change your instructions this way : “Place the mouse pointer on the left of the dashed line and click the left mouse button to release your white cells and fight the bacterias.”, instead of “Click and hold left mouse button before the dashed line to release your white cells and fight the bacterias.”

Ideally, you may make disappear the mouse pointer from your screen applet and replace it by a forbidding red “X” sprite on the right of the dashed line, and a white “O” sprite ( a hollowed white cell ) on the left of it.

Thank you for your suggestions. I might implement some/all of them since I reduced the final jar by ~600 bytes after optimizing my shrinking pipeline to fit my other game Plants 4k Zombies.

Nice style, I love the wavy background. The game is also quite cool, with a nice fit of “story”, graphics, and gameplay mechanics.