Indago -- The Search


This is a game about claustrophobia and searching. Find the right block as quickly as you can!


-Completely random levels!

-High score system!

-3 difficulty levels! (warning: the higher your difficulty level, the more laggy the game will be)

-Guaranteed claustrophobia :stuck_out_tongue:

-Tons of fun!

-Quirky sound effects!

It’s not as easy at it seems. As the blocks slowly yet steadily grow in size, you’ll begin to panic as you desperately search for the right block. Eventually the blocks will obscure your vision and you’ll lose.


This game is centered around searching for the odd block out. The only enemies which stand in your way are the evil ever-growing blocks. Weave through the thousands of blocks to find the odd block out. The block that you have to find will always have a different colour from the rest of the blocks. Sometimes it may seem that the block you’re searching for doesn’t exist and all the blocks are of the same colour, but that’s what happens when desperation kicks in. There’s always an odd block out, and your task is to find it. Fly straight through the odd block to win the game!

If the blocks grow too big, you’ll lose. The block you’re looking for is not always cleverly concealed, though. Sometimes it can be in plain sight. But don’t count on your luck, though; it almost always lets you down. "

This is the Ludum Dare link, if you feel like trying out Indago: