“I am your hero” is a side-scrolling game.

Fight against your inner monsters and overcome the challenges.

Sometimes you are so bored and numbed. Today is just an iteration of yesterday and tomorrow will be another iteration of today. It was one of those days for him, but one day he needs to become a hero for someone.

Our hero is cursed and his girlfriend is kidnapped by so-called Dr. Evil. Dr. Evil is just an alias. We don’t have much information about him as we are sometimes surprised by how little we know about ourselves. In order to save his girlfriend and break the curse, our hero needs to defeat all the monsters and overcome the challenges that Dr. Evil created.

Dr. Evil or just the evil, in general, is nothing different from us. The Satan once was an angel.


• The game money and points can only be earned through the gameplay, no in-app purchase.
• The game has an integrated step counter which converts a user’s steps into experience points
• As you defeat the monsters, you will receive the experience points.
• If you can manage to slay multiple monsters by single kick or punch, you will also get bonus money and experience points (play the tutorial and learn how)
• Upgrade hero with experience points and game money
• The Monsterpedia provides general(or critical) information about monsters and obstacles in the game
• The game is free to play, but in order to defeat the last boss and unlock the last three levels, you need to upgrade to the full version which also removes the interstitial ads.

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